Our custom-made know-how

Since 1964, we have the privilege of bringing our creative art to life through unique pieces made for our customers, in order to satisfy them. Well beyond the repairs and transformations of your jewelry, we realize original creations thought by your care. Let your imagination express itself, we put at your service our artisanal know-how to realize your dream.

Step 1 - Make an appointment

We propose to meet you in our workshops located in Cannes or Monaco in order to build your project together.

Let’s dream big together!
The design of your jewels can be realized starting from a gold or platinum ingot or from a block of wax sculpted by hand, which will become a model and will be melted.

Step 2 - 3D illustration of your jewel

Before creating we illustrate your project. For this, we make a prototyping from a 3D software.

Once the prototyping of the jewelry is done, we move on to the shaping.

Step 3 - Making your jewelry

We work with quality tools and materials.

We have a welding laser in each workshop: the use of this resonator, which is perfectly stable, is particularly recommended when welding reflective materials such as gold, silver or copper. It is indispensable for obtaining reproducible results on fine spot or bead welding.